About me

I love telling stories and living out experiences.

When I began my PhD, I started setting-up ‘business meetings’ weekly with seemingly successful people on LinkedIn who I didn’t know. I had read Malcolm Gladwell”s Talking to Strangers and I wanted to put his ideas to practice. I wanted to experiment. I needed to grow up quickly.

During this journey, I have failed. I have been embarrassed and yes, I have been heartbroken. But through it all, I have kept a record of the beautiful stories that have emerged from these experiences, both my own and those that I have eavesdropped or read about in books.

I love the random things of life. I love money. I know money is not random but I love it. Do you hate money? Some of the random things I love is the smell of a new book. I love handwritten letters; the colour your ink bleeds, paper feel and scent, and your calligraphy infuses a lot of subliminal messages. I could tell your personality type by taking an eyeful look at your letter "g" and "y". I love a good night’s sleep too. I hardly get a decent one, but believe me, I am learning to sleep more. I have a deep appreciation for the English language and its ability to convey depth. And so, I enjoy collecting descriptive phrases from various books and movies.

To learn more about me, visit my website: www.tobilobaadejumo.com

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